Calendar of Events

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Power up and get heroic with us during the League of Heroes WonderWeek!

May 26 & 27: Woodworking Levels 1 & 2

Tinker, saw and work with wood! Learn how to use a variety of woodworking tools to create original pieces at our exclusive Maker Crew event.

May 26: Avengers Assemble!

Answer the call and rise to the challenge as we invite you to meet daring superheroes during our Avengers Assemble! hero meet and greet!

May 27: Batina's Best First Day

Follow tooth fairy newbie, Batina, to the magical land of Brushelot on her first day in this musical production by C. Kidz Theatre School!

May 28 - Sept. 3: Super Powered Summer

Gear up, train up as you put your powers to the test to save Houston with daring adventures during our Super Powered Summer!

May 28: BASF Kids' Lab

Strengthen your love of science with a mind-boggling experiments and generated electricity using items from your grocery list!