Our Mission

We transform communities through innovative, child-centered learning.

The Houston region has one of the largest child populations in the United States and Children’s Museum Houston serves an audience of more than 1 million children and families each year. Children’s Museum Houston is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that relies on private and public contributions. When you support us, you can feel confident that your contribution directly benefits the children of Houston.

Our Community Impact

We’re a Four Star Charity

We transform communities through innovative, child-centered learning. When you support us, you can feel confident that your contribution directly benefits the children of Houston.
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Our History

Learn how we became the #1 Children’s Museum.

Our History

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America’s #1 Children’s Museum

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Board of Directors

Children’s Museum Houston is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible for the fiduciary health of the organization and ensuring the mission of the museum is delivered to the community.

Executive Committee

Jason Endecott
Brad Morgan
Past President
Saul Solomon
Paula McCann Harris
Jeffrey Scofield
Co-VP of Board Activities
Andrew Sarofim
Co-VP of Board Activities
Sebastien Solar
Co-VP of Contributed Income
Jonathan Sloan
Co-VP of Contributed Income
Linda Nunnery
VP of Earned Income
Dr. Catherine Horn
VP of Education
Pamela Joubert-Davis
VP of Operations
Charlene Pate
VP of Special Initiatives
Stephen Daniel
Co -VP of Strategic Planning
Alison Powell
Co-VP of Strategic Planning
Dr. Robert McCallister
Member At Large
William Griffin
Member at Large

Board of Directors

Laurie Allen
Michael J. Avery
Caroline Bean
Jeb Bowden
Bradley F. Bracewell
Geoff Bracken
Kate Brem*
Kelly Coleman, MD
Robert Gaudette
Silas A. Girgis
Hunt Harper
Michael Holthouse
Larry House
Chris Joseph
Molly Hackett LaFauci
Allison Leach
Rachel Leaman
Billy McCartney
Rishma Mohamed
Ron Oran
Maya Pomroy
Kelly Sklar
James T. Thompson
Cynthia Walker
Walter Weathers
Daniel Zeplain
Lyndsey Zorich

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of volunteers who provide their time, expertise, and/or counsel to support the work of the Board of Directors.

Elva Akin
Robert F. Baker
Lisa Barksdale
Kristen Berger
Leslie Blanton
Jane Block
Sharon Albert Brier
Suzette Caldwell
The Honorable Garnet Coleman
Thomas DeBesse
Adam Drutz
Gina Gaston Elie
Dimitri Fetokakis
Sam Gainer
Glen Gonzalez
Jennifer Hazelton
Thad Hill
Aaron Howes
Susan C. Jhin
Mary Catherine Jones
Pamela Laborde
Lee Lahourcade
Milessa Lowrie
Michael Lueck
Greg Meeks
Michael Mithoff
Shelly Mulanax
Paul Murphy, Jr.
Anne Neeson
Daniel S. Parsley
Sue Payne
Kim Petersen
Winnie Phillips
Michael J. Plank
Dr. Barbara G. Samuels
Millette Sherman
Erin Smith
Bobby Stillwell
William Toomey II
Duncan K. Underwood
Maggie Vermillion
Randal Wichuk
Richard Yoo

Life Board Members

We continue to recognize and honor former Board Members who have made outstanding contributions of support.

Gail Adler
Julie Brook Alexander
Nancy Allen
William J. Hill*
Charlene Pate
Dr. Kathryn Rabinow
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