Disability Accessibility

We’re committed to providing accessibility for all visitors.

Children’s Museum Houston strives to make our exhibits, activities and public areas as inclusive and accessible as possible for all our visitors.  The Museum offers hands-on activities and open access for children to explore in a safe environment. Our Discovery Guides are trained to engage children and families of all abilities and are ready to assist you during your visit.

For More Information

Ramona Pierre, Alexander Specialist

(713) 535-7206


Handicap Parking

Six handicap spaces are available in the Museum's parking garage located at the corner of Binz and La Branch. Various wheelchair ramps allow access from the parking garage, street crossing and to the front entrance of the museum.

Mobility Within the Museum

One child wheelchair and three adult wheelchairs are available at the Information Booth on a first-come, first-serve basis. To access lower and second levels of the Museum, use the elevators located in the Hill Adventure Hall. Wheelchair lifts are accessible in the How Does It Work? and PowerPlay exhibits. Museum restrooms accommodate wheelchairs and large strollers.

Service Animals

Children's Museum Houston allows full access to guide dogs and service animals under ADA requirements. Many of our young visitors love four-legged friends and may want to pet service animals without understanding they are on the job. While it is not legally required to use an identification leash or vest, we strongly encourage visitors with service animals to use them. An identification leash or vest can help protect your service animal and keep them safe.

Modes of Presentation

Throughout the Museum galleries, there are hands-on activities with step-by-step directions along with visual cues. The galleries and activities ignite conversations with your child. Additionally, video presentations via flat screen TVs are located throughout the Museum. Museum Discovery Guides carry iPads with relevant apps to enhance visitor experience within the exhibits. Braille is displayed on all exit doors, elevators and restrooms.

Sensory-Friendly Recommendations

Sensory Friendly Days are exclusive events held on designated Mondays that are normally closed to the public.

If you would like to plan a visit during regular operating days, we offer these suggestions:

  • If you are looking for a quieter time to visit, consider visiting Tuesday through Friday after 1:30 p.m. during the school year.
  • Visit first thing in the morning during the summer and on weekends for a slightly quieter experience.
  • If your child has trouble with transitions, consider visiting toward the end of the day. Several announcements are made prior to our 6 p.m. closing encouraging visitors to make their way to the front of the Museum for departure.

Over-Responsivity to Lights/Sounds

We suggest bringing ear defenders and sunglasses if your child has sensitivities to sound and light. A limited number of sunglasses and sound reduction earmuffs are available at the Information Booth on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you need a quiet place to take a break, consider visiting the Parent Resource Library, the Brown Auditorium or ask a staff member if a Discovery Room is available to use.

What Your Child Can Expect

The Museum’s Social Story provides children with an understanding of what they can experience and how to respond or behave when visiting the Museum. There is a page dedicated to each exhibit so that parents can tailor the story to meet the needs of their child’s interests.

Download Social Story (English)
Download Social Story (Spanish)

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