Say Hello to New Fun for Fall!

We’re taking connectivity to the next level with you and your family in mind.

“All-Time Access,” will open the Museum to you from a digital landscape. Content and resources will be available to you wherever you learn. We have taken all the defining elements of Children’s Museum Houston so kids can engage in seriously fun projects, discover a love of exploration, launch a passion for pursuing their own interests and connect in ways that apply and expand to what they are learning at school this fall.

The Daily Broadcast 

The Fall broadcast line-up will focus on inspiring kids to pursue their own interests and investigations at home using easy to find materials. Each will be designed to engage kids in ways that apply and extend their school-based learning though fun and challenging activities. 

Choose Your Own Path 3-D Field Trips

Bring CMH to your home or school! Using interactive 3D technologies, CMH virtual visitors will be able to guide themselves through the Museum, stopping as they choose at a variety of exhibits in each gallery to learn from CMH educators and do related at home activities. Each tour option will be themed either by age or by topic. The initial tour is expected to launch in late September.

MyPROJECTS – Live Online Mini-courses 

These are workshops that teach children 8 to 12 how to use a variety of tools and materials to pursue their own projects in digital design, chemistry, citizen science and more. Some will be entirely digitally based, such as computer aided design, and others will use materials that are either found at home or purchased as kits through the Museum’s Fiddle Sticks Toys. CMH educators will guide participants through projects step by step, providing coaching, modeling, and assistance as needed in real time. Each session will include a showcase at the end when participants share ideas for what they want their next “project” to be.

More CMH App Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of the More CMH app will present the Museum’s newly developed digital assets totaling over 700 videos and downloads, in addition to including new features such as playlists, themed content groupings, event calendars with embedded registration, notification and reminders, content filters, and friend following.

All New Mr. O Series on Invention 

With over 150 episodes aired to date, Mr. O will launch into a new series on Invention using the Museum’s Invention Convention gallery as his playground and inventions by kids as his inspiration.

How Does It Work? GEEK Hour Live 

The GEEK hour will assume the format of a listener “call-in” show where children submit video questions that air alongside the GEEK-of-the-day’s live responses. Themes will be established with invitations made to schools and families for question submissions.

Epic Adventure Pop-up Virtual Camps 

CMH is always EPIC, even when virtual. These pop-up camps will be held during times when CMH normally hosts special multi-day events, such as Halloween, Winter Break, and Spring Break.  Each camp will be accompanied by a kit of materials that can be assembled by families or purchased through Fiddle Sticks Toys. CMH educators will kick off each camp day by introducing the day’s lineup and then kids will head into activities alongside their virtual CMH coaches. We anticipate the first pop-up to be centered around Halloween.

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