We're Launching All-Time Access and Taking a Break!

Children's Museum Houston launches All-Time Access in September.

Dear Houston’s Children and Families,

What’s New for 2021!

More than 6 million children and their families have joined the Museum’s Daily Virtual Learning Broadcasts since last March. You dreamed big about your future, about making the world a better place, about connecting to people just like you and to people not-like-you at all to create stronger bonds. You haven’t let COVID stop you. You inspire us and we want you to continue. So, we are providing a new way to experience A Playground for Your Mind ™.  

This new year, we know you won’t be stuck in a classroom or at home. You can travel around the world and through time with the click of your mouse, and we will be there with you. You can learn about what you love and learn more than ever before. We are here to support you, your parents and grandparents, your teachers and neighbors through our daily programming prepared just for you by our amazing educators.

Here Is What We Are Asking You to Do!  

We have launched Children’s Museum Houston “All-Time Access” to enhance your learning with original, educational content five days a week and a cornucopia of additional programs — whenever you want it, wherever you are. We hope you connect with us on our social media channels, website, and e-mail updates as we roll out our new programs, which include:

  • Choose Your Own Path 3D Field Trips of the entire Museum with our educators.
  • MyPROJECTS live online courses guided by our educators so you can explore more Tinkercad 3-D designs, chemistry, art, citizen science and more!
  • A “More CMH” Museum app that delivers on educational experiences and builds on an online community allowing you to friend others.
  • Live chats with experts during the Geek Out LIVE.
  • An all-new Mr. O series on Invention.
  • Thematic daily broadcasts on our social media channels.
  • Pop-up multi-day virtual camps accompanied by a kit of materials available for purchase.
  • Tot*Tunes by the Museum’s Tater*Tots band and other live performances.
  • Downloadable activities to support your learning at home.
  • Online shopping for products that enhance at-home learning.

Say hello to new fun for the new year! We’re taking connectivity to the next level with you and your family in mind. “All-Time Access,” will open the Museum to you from a digital landscape. Content and resources are available to you wherever you learn. But we need your feedback. Tell us what you want to see. What kind of content do you want? What makes you want to share what you’ve learned with others? Your responses will steer our content and will allow us to better serve you.

Air hugs and elbow bumps, 

All your Friends at Children’s Museum Houston

P.S.  It is our mission to go where you are. We would rather keep up with you in your world than have you come to the Museum. The Museum is temporarily closed so we can focus on Children’s Museum Houston “All-Time Access.”  By doing this, we can connect to you and so many more children and their families where and when it counts the most. But don’t worry! We will reopen our doors just as soon as we can come together again.  

For questions about tickets, please contact us at onlinetickets@cmhouston.org

For questions about Memberships, please contact us at membership@cmhouston.org