Operation: Exit Sandman

Virtual Mission


mission alert!

Operation: Exit Sandman

We need kids to become Special Elite Crime Resolution and Espionage Team or SECRET Agents to help solve a problem occurring at SECRET HQ and throughout Children’s Museum Houston! Unlike many of our other Missions, this one will take place completely virtually. We strongly recommend reading the Tips and FAQs section below to help you accomplish your mission.

Start Your Mission
Getting Started

To understand the screen above, download the 3D Virtual Field Trip Key below!

Download Key

Para entender la pantalla de arriba, ¡descarga la clave de la excursión virtual en 3D que aparece a continuación!

Clave de descarga
About this Tour

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More for Educators

Do you miss hanging out at the Museum? We miss you, too! So we’ve come up with the next best thing – 3D Virtual Field Trips! These unique experiences are a fun way to explore the Museum and find videos and hands-on activities you can do at home that relate to each exhibit.

In Kidtropolis, USA you choose where to work, where to shop, and what to do with the money you earn. It is up to you to keep this city functioning by becoming city leaders, business managers, shoppers, voters and workers to run it all. Kidtropolis features nine businesses and over two dozen job opportunities!

for Educators

The 3D Virtual Field Trips provide a different avenue to explore topics that normally would be fulfilled by a field experience at Children’s Museum Houston. Virtual Field Trips allow you and your students an immersive experience in a Museum gallery with videos produced and curated by the Museum’s educators that help explain topics and provide fun, hands-on activities that can be done in the classroom or a thome for distance learners.

Kidtropolis encourages kids to role-play jobs that highlight the work of city leaders, business owners, employees and citizens; earn income by working; use money in a way that models real life; and engage in trial and error to discover the importance of money management and financial planning. By taking on these roles, kids keep the city running as they participate in a sophisticated, simulated economy where they can earn and spend money on items and experiences throughout the “city.”

Contact us for advice on creative ways to introduce a particular concept into your classroom or help in creating extension opportunities that give your students access to learning beyond the classroom.

More for Educators
Más para los educadores

Tips & FAQ's


Unlike the in-person missions, Operation: Exit Sandman is a completely virtual experience, so there are three important things to remember:

  1. ALWAYS use the most recently opened tab! Yes, a lot of tabs will open. But, going back to prior tabs may result in you finding old clues or puzzles that no longer work.
  2. Record everything in your Case File! Don’t skip because you could solve a problem in your head. You never know what information will be needed on future puzzles.
  3. Carefully read all the instructions on the screens AND in the Case File! Both contain valuable information to help you on your mission.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Should I use a computer or will a phone or tablet work?

A: While we recommend a computer, you can use any of them so long as you have an internet connection.

Q: I don’t have time to finish. Can I quit and come back to the game later?

A: You can if you keep your most recent tab open. If you cannot leave the tab open, make sure to bookmark it so you go back to where you were.

Q: How do I move around in the virtual space?

A: This is not like our other 3D Virtual Field Trips where you move around by clicking locations or using arrow keys. You need to find the blue dots. They will give you links to jump to the next drone. Some are hidden - use your mouse to click and drag (or your finger on a mobile device) to look around if you don’t see it right away.

Q: Where do I get my Case File?

A: Director Angstrom will provide you a link as you start the mission (see button above). Make sure to download your Case File and print it or keep it open in a separate tab. We do recommend having scratch paper if you do not print out your Case File.

Q: May I use my keyboard arrow keys to move through the puzzles instead of the onscreen arrow?

A: No. The slides are linked using the on-screen arrows, so please use them. Using the arrow on the keyboard may take you to the wrong slide.

Q: What do I do if I get stuck?

A: Make sure to read ALL the instructions in the Case File and on the screen. There are also buttons in the puzzles to ask Agent Gemini for hints.

Q: May I close the old tabs when I’m done with them?

A: You can, but make sure that you have recorded all information from them in your Case File. If you miss important information, you will need to backtrack through the game or even have to restart the game to get the information you need.

Tips & FAQ


Navigation: There are lots of ways to get around!

  • Right click hold and move mouse to rotate or use left and right arrow keys.
  • Click in a direction or on Tour Points (the circles) to move or use up and down arrow keys.
  • Use the Highlights Reel (the images at the bottom of the screen) to select some of the areas to explore.
  • Press the play button to take a tour of the gallery.
  • Use the floorplan view to select an area to go see!

Info Dots: Mousing over, clicking, and tapping on the colored dots around the gallery will open videos, fun facts, links to activities, and more!

  • Purple Dots – Introductions to different areas
  • Blue – Learn about how the different exhibits work
  • Dark Green – Hands-on activities to try at home!
  • Light Green – Fun facts and trivia
Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this cost anything?

The initial 3D Virtual Field Trips we are creating are free of charge.

Do I need any special equipment?

Nothing beyond what you need to visit our website.

Is this like virtual reality?

It can be. You can use a normal browser window and look around 360 degrees to see the entire exhibit. But, if you have Oculus, you can use those devices to go full VR.

Can I go anywhere?

There are some limits to how far you can go, but you can get to most places and zoom in to look closer!

Can I control the exhibits in the 3D Virtual Field Trip?

This is not an interactive representation of the Museum, but an image capture of the Museum’s gallery spaces. There are many videos to watch, facts to find, and activities you can download and enjoy at home!

What if I don’t see my favorite exhibit or activity or have a specific topic I’d like to cover?

We are constantly updating our 3DVirtual Field Trips and adding new ones, so check back regularly.

Consejos y trucos


¡Hay muchas formas de explorar!

  • Mantenga pulsado el botón derecho y mueva el ratón para girar o utilice las teclas de flecha izquierda y derecha.
  • Haga clic en una dirección o en los Puntos de Recorrido (los círculos) para moverse o utilice las teclas de flecha arriba y abajo.
  • Utilice el Carrete de los Puntos Destacados para seleccionar algunas de las zonas a explorar.
  • Pulse el botón de reproducción para hacer un recorrido por la galería.
  • ¡Utilice la vista de plano para seleccionar un área para ir a ver!

Puntos de información

Al pasar el ratón por encima, hacer clic a los puntos de color en la galería le enseñará videos, datos divertidos, enlaces a actividades y mucho más.

  • Morado - Introducciones a diferentes áreas
  • Azul - Aprender sobre cómo funcionan las diferentes exposiciones
  • Verde oscuro - ¡Actividades prácticas para realizar en casa!
  • Verde claro - Datos divertidos y trivialidades


¿Puedo ir a cualquier parte?

Hay algunos límites en cuanto a la distancia que puede recorrer, ¡pero puede llegar a la mayoría de los lugares y acercarse para ver más de cerca!



No se trata de una representación interactiva del Museo, sino de una captura real de los espacios de las galerías del Museo. ¡Hay muchos videos que ver, datos que encontrar y actividades que puede descargar y disfrutar en casa!

¿Qué pasa si no veo mi exhibición o actividad favorita?

Estamos actualizando constantemente nuestras excursiones virtuales en 3D y añadiendo otras nuevas, así que consúltelas con regularidad. Si tiene alguna sugerencia, póngase en contacto con nosotros y háganoslo saber.

Need Help?

We know that the virtual world can be a little confusing at first! If you are having trouble with your tour, have feedback or have a particular topic you’d like to see covered, please let us know.

Contact Us

What is SECRET?

SECRET is the Children’s Museum Houston’s interactive secret agent experience where kids use their problem solving, reasoning, and creativity to crack codes, uncover clues, and defeat nefarious forces!


¿Necesitas ayuda?

¡Sabemos que el mundo virtual puede ser un poco confuso al principio! Si tiene problemas con su recorrido, tiene comentarios o tiene un tema en particular que le gustaría ver cubierto, háganoslo saber.

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