Sights Unseen Exhibit Unveils a Feast for Your Eyes

July 27, 2020
Sights Unseen Debuts July 29


Children’s Museum Houston unveils a feast for your eyes in all-new glow-in-the-dark exhibit!

Instagram-able Adventure Zone augments Epic Adventure scavenger hunt

Debuts July 29

Sponsored by Occidental and The William Stamps Farish Fund


HOUSTON (July 27, 2020) – There is more than meets the eye!  Children’s Museum Houston will explore farther than the eye can see in the visually tantalizing Sights Unseen exhibit debuting on July 29.  You’re invited to look beyond the mysterious and invisible realm around you by exploring the instantly Instagram-able experiences of this eye-popping, glow-in-the-dark exhibit about light, vision and how animals see the world.  Sights Unseen is an all-new Adventure Zone in the Museum’s Epic Adventure Scavenger Hunt.  


Tackle the physics of light to see how it affects what we see– what is light, what makes up visible light, and how can we manipulate light.
Experiment with the anatomy and physiology of vision by discovering the parts of the eye and how vision works.
Explore what animals see and what advantages their vision gives them compared to humans.



The human eye can see about 1-million different shades of color, sense light from stars 2.5 million light-years away, and perceive 60 images in a second!  And yet, as amazing as it is, our vision is limited compared to some animals.  Check it out:


·        Many birds see 100 times more colors.

·        Bees see ultraviolet light.

·        Some snakes see infrared light.

·        Flies see four to six times faster.

·        An eagle’s vision is four to eight times more powerful.

·        Cats see in the dark.


In Sights Unseen, you’ll become immersed in a world of color, darkness and light bursting with eye candy. Throughout the space, meant to stimulate your senses, colorful interactives will provide opportunities for an immersive exploration into light and vision from a variety of different science perspectives. Interactives include:


·        Animal Vision compares how animals and humans perceive the same world.

·        Light Diffraction where light is broken down into its component colors.

·        Infrared Light shows how people give off infrared light in the form of heat and how technology is          used to see this light normally invisible to humans.

·        Birefringence where common materials manipulate light to create colorful artwork under special          lenses.

·        Color Filters looks at the world through colored lenses and see how different colors change what is          seen.

·        Scan Your Eye to add it to our giant video wall and try to find all the parts of the eye.

·        Whose Eye Am I? is a fun guessing game to identify an animal based on just its eye.

·        Night Vision explores how animals see in the dark and how humans use technology to do the same.

·        Ultraviolet Light shows what we look like under ultraviolet light and how objects use ultraviolet light          waves to fluoresce.


Push past your perceptions and observe the world through a whole new lens in Sights Unseen.