Kids In Charge - Driving the Future!

March 28, 2022

Children’s Museum of Houston generates buzz about fuel innovation!

Saturday, April 9

Presented by Mitsubishi Corporation

What happens when kids are in charge? The possibilities are endless!  Explore how innovation goes hand in hand with play, curiosity and experimentation as we explore the future of fuel. Kids rule!



Painting with Wheels

Put paint on toy cars, then press, drag, or roll to see what designs you can create.

Event Time:  10 a.m. in Alexander Art Academy.


Clean and Green Edison Middle School Skit

Learn how hydrogen can be used as a clean/green fuel.

Event Time:  11 a.m. and noon in in Brown Auditorium.


Molecule Building

Make your own Hydrogen atoms and water molecules to take home.  

Event Time:  11 a.m. and noon in in Brown Auditorium following skit.


Sail Car Building Workshop

Learn about alternative energy while building a sail car.

Event Times:  1, 2:30 and 4 p.m. in Alexander Art Academy.



Car of the Future

Design your own 3-D paper car of your dreams at Junktion.

Clothespin Car

Build and race a car made from found items at Junktion.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demo

Test a remote-controlled toy car which runs on hydrogen fuel at Science Station.

Molecule Fuel

Build water molecules and learn what a fuel cell does to water molecules at Science Station.

Houston Art Car Parade Showcase

Check out some of the most innovative vehicles in town!

In partnership with Center for Houston’s Future

Presenting Sponsor: Mitsubishi Corporation

Event Sponsors: Chevron, Calpine

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