Kid Charged WonderWeeks

July 6, 2023

Children’s Museum Houston challenges young minds with STEM activities to catchup on summer learning loss

July 10 to 23

Sponsored by Chevron
Presented by Center for Houston’s Future


Kids are the future. That's why it's important to challenge young minds and keep them interested in learning, specially during the summer. Kid Charged WonderWeeks does just that!



  • Stomp Rockets:  Test how high your rocket launches in Science Station.
  • DNA Extraction:  Extract wheat germ DNA and learn about the role it plays in Power Science Lab.
  • Pipe Cleaner DNA:  Craft a pipe cleaner DNA model in Power Science Lab.
  • Playground Architects:  Engineer miniature swings, slides, see-saws in Chevron Maker Annex.
  • Glowing Up!:  Build a light wand and use it to make light-doodle art in Chevron Maker Annex.
  • Super Powered Spin Art:  Charge up and create a unique piece of art in Alexander Art Academy.
  • Toad Origami: Learn about the Houston Toad and creating your own at EcoStation.
  • Froggy Communication:  Learn how frogs communicate using wooden frog calls at EcoStation.
  • Multiplication Bingo:  Multiply your winning numbers at Math Cart.


***Activities, events and times subject to change.