Hands-on Science with BASF Kids’ Labs

August 9, 2023
BASF Kids’ Lab participants create a rainbow of colors as they explore pH levels.

CMH Visitors Keep their Cool with Summer Science Labs

All summer long the Museum is presenting BASF Kids’ Labs on Fridays, with topics that rotate every week. For many visitors, these interactive labs are the favorite part of their Museum visit. Joanne, age 11, shared that, “Friday is my favorite day, we go to church, lunch and then chemistry class with Mr. D.” Frankie, age 10, exclaimed, “My brother says chemistry is boring, but he was wrong. This is fun!”

Surveys show that 100% of the Museum’s BASF Kids’ Labs’ participants would like to take part in another Lab again, and 100% also stated that they learned something new. “The presenter was excellent,” noted a parent of two children, “And the experiments were fun and informative. It was great. We will be back.”

Lab explorations include making slime, extracting DNA from fruit, creating (kid-safe) chemical explosions, and more. Most Labs are led by CMH Educator David Munk, who has a degree in secondary education and has facilitated the Museum’s STEM programs for eight years. David brings his strong background in science to the Labs, as well as his experience as a schoolteacher, with a talent for making complex chemistry concepts easy for children to understand.

The Museum’s summer BASF Kids’ Labs will continue through September 1, 2023. With the support of BASF, the Museum will also present BASF Kids’ Labs during upcoming fall and winter school breaks.