Fiddle Sticks Toys Now Online!

Fiddle Sticks Toys located inside Children's Museum Houston

Children’s Museum Houston launches online store to provide parents ready-to-go summer solutions

Check out top 10 items to keep kids learning while having fun during pandemic



Inspire. Invent. Imagine. Selling the best stuff at the best prices to provide inspiration, encourage invention and nurture the imagination in children of all ages, Fiddle Sticks Toys is now online! Located inside Children’s Museum Houston, Fiddle Sticks Toys has allowed families to take the Museum home with them for more than 20-years by providing carefully curated selections for learning and excitement. Now, the Museum has expanded its reach to be able to offer these selections to the world with the launch of its new online store.



With many camps and other activities cancelled, parents are looking for easy, ready-made things to do with their children at home… and we can help! With a wide selection of educational toys that span different topics (STEM,art and creativity, outdoors, problem-solving and more), Fiddle Sticks Toys provides ready-to-go solutions to keep kids learning over the summer and during the pandemic. Plus, all proceeds from sales benefit the Museum to allow us to fulfill our mission to transform communities through innovative child-centered learning.



Shop now at Fiddle Sticks Toys online. Shipping and curbside pickup available! Or call directly at (713) 535-7223.



Here are our top 10 items to keep kids learning while having fun during the pandemic:

  1. Outdoor Adventure Kits (curbside only), choice of ages 3+, 5+ and 8+ for $24.95
  2. SolarSystem String Lights (5+) $21.95
  3. Zoomigos Dog with Tennis Ball Zoomer (pre-school) $14.95
  4. Caterpillar Crawl (4+) $15.95
  5. Story Craze(6+) $24.95
  6. 100 pc. puzzles from Eeboo - assorted themes (5+) $15.95
  7. Aqua Robot(8+) $21.95
  8. Brain Bending Science (6+) $24.95
  9. Kids First Chemistry Set (8+) $44.95
  10. Crystal Growing Experimental Kit (10+) $21.95