Educators: Here are some great Spring Break activities to keep your students engaged

March 4, 2021

From quarantined virtual learning to in-person teaching, it's been a whirlwind year for everyone in education! Take a break and let our educators help you keep your students engaged while they relax at home. We've put together a list of our All-Time Access favorites just for you! Don't forget, a visit to the Museum is just a click away. Explore 3D Virtual Tours, complete with exhibit demos, experiment videos, activity downloads and more!

Watch our top Educator Moments:

  • Pocket Solar System - How far are the planets from each other? John makes a scale model of our solar system you can put in your pocket.
  • Odds and Ins - Did you know you could practice addition, multiplication, counting, and even identifying types of integers using dominoes?  D'Andrea shows you how to play a game where the odds are on your side.
  • Making Ice Cream - Temperatures are rising in Houston. John shows you how to make a delicious treat you can make at home to cool down this Spring Break!
  • Magic Can - John is pretty good at magic. Ok, it's not really magic... it's static electricity! Dive deeper into this the science behind this charged up trick.
  • How the Water Cycle Works - We’ll spin your head right round! Alleigh and Danni explain the water cycle from EcoStation.

Learn while binge-watching Mr. O's best "O Wow! Moment" episodes.

  • That’s Probable- It's time to get a basic understanding of probability using coin flips, dice rolls, and spinners.
  • Note Card Annoyer- Sound is made by vibration - experiment with a variety of sounds using a simple notecard.
  • Origami Geometry- Make a hat using mathematics - the mathematics of origami!
  • Silverware Somersaults- Make dinner time more exciting using spoons and a simple lever.
  • The Way the Cookie Crumbles- A cookie thief has stolen all the cookies from the Kidtropolis Diner. Can you use chromatography to analyze evidence and determine the real thief?
  • Frustration with Friction- Overcome fraction frustrations so you are ready to defeat Hacker!
  • I Got That Sinking Feeling- Explore why some things float and other things sink.
  • Ring Wing Gliders- We explore aerodynamics, specifically gliders with atypical wings -- wings made of rings, but that still fly. Explore our basic model then design your own!
  • Oboe? Oh Boy- Ever wondered how does an trumpet gets it's high and low tone? It's something called pitch. Find out how to make your own musical instrument using simple materials such as a straws and scissors.
  • Paper Clip Top- Mr. O takes top engineering to a new level. We made a top using a marker and cardboard, but can you make a top using only a paperclip? Give it a shot!

Explore our How Does it Work? exhibit.

  • 3D Virtual Tour - Take a virtual tour to see simple machines and science in action!
  • Amazing Airways - Did you know pneumatic tubes, systems of tubes that move things with air pressure, are still used at banks, pharmacies, and post offices?
  • Kid Lift- Did you know pulleys, simple machines that use a wheel with a rope around it to move and lift heavy objects, have been in use for thousands of years? In 300 B.C., Archimedes is reported to have used pulleys to pull a ship onto dry land!
  • O Wow! Moment: Science is the Tops - Mr. O explores the physics of spinning tops by explaining Isaac Newton's First Law of Motion and angular momentum.
  • O Wow! Moment: Blow Bernoulli Blow - What are the forces that act on airplanes that allow them to fly? Mr. O takes a look at Daniel Bernoulli's famous equation, confronts the controversy surrounding the Newton vs. Bernoulli debate.
  • At-Home Activity: Whirlpool in a Bottle: If you've visited FlowWorks at the Museum, you've most likely seen a vortex in action. Here's an easy way to recreate one with recycled plastic bottles.

Explore our Invention Convention exhibit.

  • 3D Virtual Tour - Take a virtual tour to see simple machines and science in action!
  • Popsicle Birdhouse - Spring brings lots of flying friends back to on the scene. Jason creates a sturdy birdhouse and gives some tips on where to place it.
  • Articulated Puppets - What does "articulated" mean? Jacob explains the term and makes puppets that have joints.
  • Shadow Puppet - Have any aspiring playwriters or movie directors in your class? This activity is perfect for blending art and engineering!
  • O Wow! Moment: Mini Rockets - In this episode, Mr. O creates a air-bursting contraption inspired by our Rocket Launcher.

Explore our Kidtropolis exhibit.