Children's Museum Houston Achieves Sensory Inclusive Certification through KultureCity®

April 11, 2024

Children's Museum Houston hosts exclusive Sensory Friendly event featuring therapy dogs, puppets and story times

Achieves Sensory Inclusive Certification through KultureCity®

Monday, April 15, beginning at 10 a.m.

HOUSTON (April 11, 2024) – In honor of Autism Awareness Month this April, Children's Museum Houston proudly announces its Sensory Inclusive certification through KultureCity®, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity and accessibility for individuals with sensory needs. This achievement comes just in time for the Museum's April 15 Sensory Friendly Day event, marking a significant step towards creating a more inclusive environment for all visitors.

KultureCity's Sensory Inclusive program is a groundbreaking initiative embraced by venues, stadiums, and cultural institutions globally. By providing training and resources to staff, KultureCity® enables organizations to better accommodate individuals with sensory sensitivities, ensuring that families and individuals can experience public spaces with greater comfort and ease.

"We are thrilled to partner with KultureCity® to enhance our commitment to inclusivity," said Ramona Willliams, Alexander Specialist for Early Literacy Development & Special Learning Needs at Children's Museum Houston." Through this certification, we are better equipped to recognize and support guests with sensory needs, ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy their experience at the Museum."

The certification process involved extensive training for staff members by leading medical and neurodivergent professionals. Staff were educated on how to identify guests with sensory needs and handle sensory overload situations effectively. Additionally, the Museum will provide sensory bags at the information booth, equipped with noise-canceling headphones provided by Puro Sound Labs, fidget tools, verbal cue cards, and weighted lap pads for guests who may feel overwhelmed by the environment.

"Empowering communities through inclusion and innovation, Children’s Museum Houston is aligned with the same visionary spirit as KultureCity® and is championing a world where every individual, regardless of ability, is not just accepted but celebrated for their unique contributions to the tapestry of humanity!” Uma Srivastava, Executive Director, KultureCity®

Through this partnership with KultureCity®, Children's Museum Houston reaffirms its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, setting a new standard for cultural institutions nationwide. In addition, during Sensory Friendly Day event on April 15, Children's Museum Houston will offer a diverse range of activities and programs for visitors to enjoy:

Mr. Leo Puppet Show: Prepare to be dazzled by the master of puppetry, Mr. Leo! Join us for an awe-inspiring performance featuring lively marionettes and whimsical characters.

Event Time:  From 11 am to noon in Brown Auditorium


Faithful Paws: Experience an explosion of warmth and joy as volunteers and their specially trained personal pets provide furry comfort.

Event Time:  From 10 am to noon in Tree Top.


Story Time: Celebrate the joys of spring through storytelling.

Event Time: At 11, 11:30 am, and noon at Parent Resource Library.

Onsite resources will also be available from 10 am to 1 pm in the New Kids' Hall, including:

  • SPARKS: Dive into the dynamic energy of a vibrant community united by a common purpose: accelerating the understanding of autism.
  • Workforce Solutions: Explore tools, guidance, and support tailored to the unique journey of children with disabilities aged 14 to 22.
  • Cool Down Room: Retreat to the ultimate sanctuary when excitement peaks and experience the calming atmosphere of the Celebrations Cool Down room.