18th Annual Pi Day and Pi(e) Fight at Children's Museum Houston

March 10, 2023

13th Annual Shaving Cream Pi(e) Fight

Children’s Museum of Houston celebrates a messy, Pi(e)-induced frenzy during 18th Annual π (Pi) Day

TUESDAY, March 14, at 1:59 p.m.

Sponsored by ConocoPhillips

Funded in part by City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance



Celebrate one of the most renowned scientist’s birthday with a slice of Pi – to the face!  March 14 is π (Pi) Day and it’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday!  Children’s Museum Houston is where the original, international π (Pi) Day sensation started more than a decade ago and it has caught on ever since!  Come celebrate the infinite, non-repeating number 3.14… and watch as we shut down our street to battle it out in a messy, Pi(e)-induced frenzy.  Have apiece of π!  



SHAVING CREAM PI(E) FIGHT:  Have a piece of π! Watch as we shut down our street to duke it out in an amazingly messy, Pi(e)-induced frenzy during our 13TH Annual Shaving Cream Pi(e)Fight.

Event Time:  1:59 p.m. (1.59 because the numbers follow 3.14159) on Ewing St.


Xtreme Science Demos:  Grab your goggles and get ready for some serious mind-blowing science!

Event Time:  Soda Geysers at 10:30 a.m. and Liquid Nitrogen/Elephant Toothpaste at noon on Ewing St.


Mad About Hoops:  Heads will spin with this spectacular hula hooping spectacle.

Event Time:  At 3 p.m. on Ewing St.


***Activities, events and times subject to change.