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Make a Simple Boomerang

G’Day Mates! Let's make an incredibly fun boomerang!

First things first, before we can get into how to make a boomerang, we need to dispel a few myths about the boomerang including its origin (it likely isn’t Australia!) and its original purpose. Next, we’ll explore how to make a 3-winged boomerang using a cardboard cereal box. This is a super-simple project that only needs a cardboard box, ruler, pencil/pen, scissors, clear tape, protractor, and stapler. The boomerang you’ll make and learn to throw is a little lightweight, so it works best indoors (in a large room) or outdoors on a fairly calm day. Too windy and the boomerang won’t work well – hey, it is only cardboard! In addition to learning to build and throw the boomerang, we’ll take a crash course in the physics behind the boomerang’s flight and why it comes back to you. Speaking of, don’t worry if it doesn’t come back the first few times you throw it. It takes a little practice.

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