how-logo.jpgHave you ever wondered how sounds travel? Or how your wireless telephone worked? Or even what really happens when you turn the ignition in your car?

This multi-level exhibition challenges you to ask and discover the answers to your own science questions with tons of hands-on, investigative experiences.




Watch your messages be sent via fiberoptics and check out the history

of communication in Communication Speedway

cone3.jpg Challenge yourself to discover something new at the Science Station
cone4.jpg Raise yourself 5 feet into the air to learn how pulleys work on the Kid Lift





 App Suggestions for How Does it Work:

**App descriptions have been extracted from the app developers’ websites.

Children’s Museum of Houston does not endorse these apps, and is providing this list as an educational resource only.
For a complete list of our recommendations, please visit

Prism HD



Prism HD is an inspiring exploration of real light shining through glass prisms and splitting into natural rainbows beneath your fingers. 

80 Simple Science Experiments



80 Simple Science Experiments is an application containing detailed information of around 80 simple science experiments for kids and high school students to perform at home. The experiments cover a wide range of field including optics, chemistry, physics, fluid dynamics etc.


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