flow-content-img.jpgHarness the power of water

Dive into the forces and properties of water through waves, vortices and rapids, exploring the fascinating concept of hydropower!

FlowWorks is an interactive exhibit, which requires kids to “dip” their hands into it to make it work!  

An 18 feet tall Cauldron stands in the middle of it all!  The more you play, the more it gets filled up with water.  Once it’s full, water comes crashing down, making an unstoppable wave of fun and allowing other exhibit components to break their course!

Feel the rush of waters through a simulated Flood Plain, stream through an Aquaduct Maze. Or, serve as the mastermind behind a Hydro Switchboard. Navigate ways in which water's energy can be stored, released and manipulated and harness the power! 

Flow Works
Flow Works

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