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ecostation-logo.pngEcoStation is an active, outdoor/indoor environmental exhibit where visitors engage in ecological studies and explore environmental issues by visiting a native plant garden, woodland area, pond and a research pavilion. Through these and several other  areas, visitors can participate in diverse hands-on activities such as stream bed creation, insect collecting, leaf rubbings, footprint identification, and more!
Visitors may also participate in always changing programming that includes things such as nature journals, water quality testing, decomposition observations, soil type explorations, home environmental awareness inventory logs, bird feeders and many more activities that can be used in the exhibit areas or even taken home for further backyard experiences!

Plus, almost all of EcoStation is now powered by solar energy - come see how we're using itand learn more about solar power in an exhibit developed in partnership with industry expert Standard Renewable Energy.


The Strake Foundation, The Tapeats Fund and the Verizon Foundation

 App Suggestions for Ecostation:

**App descriptions have been extracted from the app developers’ websites.

Children’s Museum of Houston does not endorse these apps, and is providing this list as an educational resource only. For a complete list of our recommendations, please visit

iBirds Lite



Robust search/sort filter of over 70 bird species with real-time funcitonality to locate species quickly and easily. 

Leafsnap HD



This iPad only app uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from actual photographs of leaves. 


Audubon Butterflies



This app allows users to identify, share and upload their photos of butterflies with the NatureShare community.

Star Chart



Using GPS technology, this app provides a 3D simulation of the visible universe, in real time, and the location of every star, moon and planet visible from the earth. 


BBC Earth Wonders



This app showcases HD-quality natural history clips from BBC series such as Planet Earth and Frozen Planet and Life. Each clip is no longer than 30 seconds. 






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