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Explore the real science of how technology can be used to alter reality during our Sci-Fi FX Science WonderWeek!

Sci-Fi Summer

Summer 2017 offers kids family fun indoors and outdoors with events, activities and live adventure games in Houston.

Open 7 Days a Week

The Museum is open 7 days a week through Labor Day! Summer fun and summer hours, come visit us in Houston every day!

Now - July 26: Sci-Fi Summer Movies for Families

Take a break from our Sci-Fi Summer and catch a movie! Kids and Families welcome to enjoy the flicks. ALL INCLUDED with $12 admission.

Now - Aug. 12: "The Galactic Journey" Live Musical Production

Join us everyday for an action-packed live production happening every day in Brown Auditorium.

Now - Sept. 7: Galactic Ranger Training

The future is what you make of it now! Teleport to your own “Sci-Fi Summer” adventure and imagine what you’ll know tomorrow!