Children's Museum of Houston

The Children's Museum of Houston is A Playground for Your Mind™ and America's No. 1 Children's Museum by Parents magazine.

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In celebration of nutrition, health, and the benefits of eating your veggies!

Oct. 5: Mommy Mingle Wednesday

Grab your little toddlers and join us for a Mommy Mingle Wednesday event, filled with free coffee and breakfast! INCLUDED with admission.

Oct. 8: Project Based Learning

Discover how you can challenge your students' imagination within the context of storytelling and tinkering.

Oct. 8: Cool Chemistry for Kids

Join in for an interactive workshop that teaches how to transform your classroom into a chemistry lab!

Oct. 8: Early Money Matters

Uncover the secrets on how to make your students financial whizzes during an Early Money Matters workshop (PreK - 2nd grade teachers).

Oct. 10: Sensory Friendly Day

Kids on the autism spectrum ASD or with sensory processing differences are invited to explore the Museum in their own way and time.