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Educator Moment

·       Basics Houston: Fun Shop (English & Spanish), Time for a Hug

·       Constructioneering: Building Towers

·       Ecostation: Rain Cycle

·       Genius Station: Cloud in a Bottle, Water Cycle Runoff

·       Invention Convention: Paper Airplane & Launch Cage

·       Kids' Hall: Rock Formation Crayons

·       Kidtropolis: Vet Role Play, Painted Paper Collage

·       Math Lab: Making Math Fun

·       Matter Factory: Liquid Nitrogen Exploration

·       Power Science Lab: Neutralization Reaction, ABC Animal Poses,Types of Blood

·       Science Station: Marble Art, Rain Cloud

·       Welcome Baby: Brain Stimulation

O Wow Moment

·       Butterfly Blues

·       Coin Snatching Challenge

·       Frustration of Friction

·       Hand Washing Challenge

·       I Got That Sinking Feeling

·       It's Snot Funny

·       Levity Through Tension

·       Polarization and Birefringence

·       Ring Wing Gliders

·       Savory Science

Story Time (English) sponsored by Phillips 66

·       Back to Front and Upside Down

·       Before John was a Jazz Giant

·       Bruce's Big Storm

·       Bruno Has One Hundred Friends

·       Green Eggs and Ham

·       Hush a Bye Baby

·       Last Stop on Market Street

·       Llama Llama Home with Mama

·       Llama Llama Red Pajamas

·       My Pet Wants a Pet

·       Should I Share My Ice Cream?

·       The Disobedient Frog

Story Time (Spanish) sponsored by Phillips 66

 ·      AbrazosPara Tí

·       Click, Clac, Muu - Vacas Escritoras

·       Como Soy

·       Compartir Helado

·       Cuenta de Ratón

·       El Paseo de Rosalia

·       Hilo Sin Fin

·       No dejes que la paloma conduzca el autobus

·       Orunga Hambrienta

·       Pato Va En Bici

·       Primera Luna

·       Yo Voy a Esperar, Sr.Panda

Spotlight Performances sponsored by Houston Arts Alliance

·       Broadway to You

·       Mr. Leo Puppet Show

Toddler Sing Along sponsored by the McGovern Foundation/Kathrine McGovern

·       Cardboard Tube Kazoo

·       Down by the Bay

·       Exploring the Sousaphone

·       Love and Favorite Things

·       Looking Through My Window

·       Movie Tunes

·       Musical Counterpoint

·       Music Inspires Emotions

·       Rainbow and Imagination

·       Same Melody

·       Songwriting

·       Threw It Out the Window

·       Up the Tempo

·       You Are My Sunshine

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