The Chase is on!


It is the classic tale of good vs. evil as
the dastardly Hacker attempts to
overtake Cyberspace. Yet, he’s
continuously outsmarted by three
curious kids and one cyberbird pal who
are determined to stop him. Join forces
with the CyberSquad: Matt, Inez,
Jackie and Digit,
in their quest to save Cyberspace as they zoom into
Cyberchase – The Chase Is On!, an
out-of-this-world, math adventure!

Based on CYBERCHASE™, the Emmy
award-winning PBS KIDS GO! math
mystery cartoon,
Cyberchase – The Chase Is On!
presents math in a fun, kid-friendly environment, allowing children to make use of their critical thinking
skills and approach math with an investigative, positive attitude.

In the exhibit, children will enter Cyberspace through a special portal to explore favorite cybersites, 
including the Control Central, the Grim Wreaker and Poddleville, and be greeted by Motherboard, the
peace-loving leader of Cyberspace.

They will help the CyberSquad protect the virtual universe from the evil Hacker while exploring math
concepts such as place value, algebra, geometry, fractions and probability.

Throughout the exhibit's adventurous plots, children will not only "do" math, but will be able to experience it firsthand through the many activities and the interactive components. Plus, kids can hang out with Digit as he makes special appearances throughout the exhibit. Check the calendar for Digit appearance times.

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Matt & Jackie

 App Suggestions for Cyberchase:

**App descriptions have been extracted from the app developers’ websites.

Children’s Museum of Houston does not endorse these apps, and is providing this list as an educational resource only. For a complete list of our recommendations, please visit

Cyberchase 3D Builder



Players will understand how 3-dimensional geometric shapes are made from simple 2-dimensional shapes. This game helps develop spatial reasoning skills and ability to visualize and manipulate objects in 3-dimensional space.

Cyberchase Shape Quest



A captivating app combining games, puzzles, and 3D augmented reality using spatial reasoning and problem solving skills. 


My First Tangrams



A simplified version of the original tangram games, without having to use rotations, allowing younger kids to play and solve. 

Math Superheroes



With six different chapters to choose from, this app allows children to learn math skills while playing games. 


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